About us


Due Diligence is a concept that involves various means used to inspection and estimate business opportunities. We believe that for every opportunity there is a risk especially in emerging markets. Our expertise helps you to identify and analyze these opportunities while having a control on its risks. Due diligence in simple words is to think, prepare and execute.

We cater our services to world’s leading firms that cover almost all the sectors including Information Technology, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Banking & Finance, Textile, Oil & Energy, Logistics, Risk Advisory and Corporate Consultancy.


“The company aims to be the one, most relied on by its clients, giving them a sense of ease that we are cost-effective and helping them avoid business risks”

Our Principles

Edge Diligence present day success is driven by its commitment to traditional core values such as customer service and quality combined with its key strengths of creativity and innovation to produce intelligent solutions in response to its customers’ needs.


“We believe in becoming world’s leading Due Diligence firm, providing highest quality services to our valued clients”

Our Values

Our values describe how Edge Diligence, as a company, and its employees behave, and are the principles upon which our business relationships are based.

Integrity & Trust, Attending the client on utmost priority, Respect for every individual, Striking teamwork, Delivering on time, Efficacious communication

Our Goals & Objectives

Customer Satisfaction

Measure and continuously improve customer loyalty. Align all processes to serve customers in a hassle-free and responsive manner.


Preferred employer in our industry. Continuous training and people development as basis for growth, quality and efficiency

Financial Performance

Steadily improving financial results through profitable growth. Continuously improve products and processes to increase competitiveness.

Sustainable Growth

Capture growth opportunities in emerging markets. Service unit growth through high customer loyalty. Grow the fulfillment capabilities improving quality, efficiency and margins. Continuously improve our products and processes to become more environmentally friendly.

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